Monday, April 14, 2008

I'll take "Are you Insane?!" for 800 Alex

She's crazy. Oh she's still sweet, and fun, and lovable in a million different ways. But crazy. We've entered full blown tantrum mode this past week, which I know is perfectly normal for things her age. But MY WORD. I don't even think SHE knows what she wants but hooboy is she ever willing to hurt herself over it.

When we have "hurts" with the littles they're called "bonks." So if Claire trips and bumps her knee she cries over the "bonk" gets hugged and kissed and we move on. Lately, it seems she's become a little too attached to this process though because there's been a suspicious rise of bonks around the house. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all about luvs and attention whenever I can get it (except at night when I'm tired please don't touch me) but even I realize that there are rules.

Before when Claire went Hiroshima she’d fling her body back full force and bang her head into the ground. Carpet, tile, wood floor, whatever. Now I know that these things aren't the smartest at this age but damn. Time and time again she'd knowingly bash herself about in mad attempt to demonstrate just how deep the rage lied. And then despairingly cry, "BONK!" Right... But you still can't play with the toilet plunger or have the cookies for breakfast. They're mine.

Then she upped the ante. Now when facing dejection she looks me straight in the eye with her tear filled blues and accusingly yells "BONK!" before launching her cranium into the floor. All with the face of "THIS IS GOING TO HURT ME A LOT MORE THAN IT HURTS YOU!" Yes indeedy and WTF?

Now I can't judge her too harshly for this crazy ass behavior because I did much the same thing during my single years in college. In fact head banging might have even been the better solution. But alas. Why?! And how do I make it stop?!


Tessie said...

This is hilarious.

Um, only because I SO KNOW. AD announces "EYE?" right before she POKES HERSELF IN THE EYE with rage.


Swistle said...

HA HA! "These things aren't the smartest at this age." INDEED!

One of my kids used to do the self-injury thing, and I would sweep him up in my arms and use the same shocked-and-dismayed voice I'd use if he had hurt his brother: "Don't hurt my ROB! I LOVE my Rob! Don't HURT him! Hurting other people is NOT ALLOWED!" This was ROB I was talking to. So I was applying the same "we don't hurt people" rules, but even if the person he was hurting was himself. I'm not saying it WORKED. But it's what I DID.

Kristin.... said...

I love the self induced implosions. Aren't they swell? Izzie does the same thing and she's only 15 months. Throws herself backward on the floor then looks at me like "WTF Ma? Why did you let me do that?" So I ignore her, for the most part. I pick her up, dust her off, and send her on her way. I doesn't always work and sometimes I have to kiss the back of her head, but I am trying to minimize my reaction so that she'll STOP THAT INSANITY. At least Annie just throws her head onto the couch and give me big tears. That isn't painful!

moo said...

OH, it shouldn't be funny ... and yet, it is.

Grayson will throw himself down, roll over and over and over again, screeching in AGONY and BETRAYAL and then ... cautiously peek one eye at me to see if I'm paying attention to his magnificant display.

I have to stop myself from laughing about a million times a day.

So, what I do, in good psychologist style, is give him words for what he's feeling. "I know you're FRUSTRATED and MAD that your show is over. I KNOW. Hey, look at this book? Want to read it? That might make you FEEL BETTER."

It doesn't stop the ONSET of the tantrum, but it makes it end pretty quickly. If your girls aren't big book readers, you could try something else, like a favorite toy or activity. Any kind of distraction.

Linda said...

OMG! My 10 month old isn't "there" yet, and OMG!? Is this what I have to look forward to? I'm laughing because I'M SCARED of the monster within my beautiful little baby girl who may UH-OH BONK! her way to the ER someday.

Anne said...

My one year old just started to throw tantrums last week. ughhhhh... So frustrating. Plus, he's got about a million teeth coming in, so I don't know if he's gettinig to the "tantrum" stage or just sensitive because he isn't really comfortable.

a. said...

...i think i can remember those days in college...!

laughing sooo hard....and i'm so sorry! cannot wait to see #1 again and meet #2!

love you!