Thursday, October 11, 2007

Love and crowns

It's all about finding things in life that you love. That inspire you. My daughter received this crown as a present the other day and hasn't taken it off since. She loves it. Everything about it. It's the first thing she goes for in the morning and won't take it off until she needs to go to bed. And even then I find I'm the one prying if from her head. Like the crown stealer that I am.

And it's got me thinking, what things do I love? Back in the day (before the babes in arms) I could have answered this question easily, but now I find that my days are so full of the necessary I don't have much time for "crowns" anymore. And so I'm setting a goal for myself, to find things that I love to do, to enjoy, every day.

Today I am taking a bath. ALONE. With m&m's. And Diet Coke. And salts. ALONE. What do you love?


Tessie said...

I love baths too. And TV. And Totinos pizza rolls.

Swistle said...

I love earrings. New soaps / shampoos / make-up to try. Candy. Celebrity magazines. A pile of books I haven't read yet. Clocks. Making cookies. Stationery. New clothes for the kids. Target.

Erin said...

I LOVE the picture of the girl!! Yay!!

The bath sounds freaking spectacular.

I love wearing a sweatshirt. Fountain soda. Draft beer with a shake of salt in it. Chocolate frosting on graham crackers. 50 degree mornings. New socks. Clean sheets. A sleeping baby.