Friday, September 7, 2007

Permission Granted

So here we go. The maiden voyage of Sensible Absurdity. I've been pondering the subject of my first post for days (okay weeks) and well, have decided on potatoes. Potatoes. You see, my life is something of a mess, but a planned mess. I'm the mother of two brilliantly beautiful girls, ages 15 months and 2 months. Fifteen months. Two months. Say it out loud. Think about the implications. I spend all day trying not to. And so, everyday provides itself with an abundance of topics to be discussed, dissected, and blogged. But the first post, that's something. It should be special. And so it is.

This evening while preparing dinner (and by preparing I mean throwing chicken in the oven and cutting open a bag of Simply Potatoes to throw in a skillet--what can I say, I'm a culinary sage) I found directions that appealed to me, and would that I could contact the person who wrote them and have them direct my life. They read as follows:

Lightly Cover . . .
Heat . . .
Add . . .
Cook for 12 to 15 minutes or until golden brown turning potatoes every 3 to 4 minutes. Skillet should remain covered while cooking (except while turning potatoes).

Right. Thanks for that. Lest I stand at the stove with my covered skillet of diced potatoes with onion pondering the conundrum of how in the hell I was going to cook the other side of my Atkins nightmare without explicit permission. Should I beat the lid with my spatula or shake the whole thing with pot holders? Ah but, permission granted.

I want more. Permission's granted that is. You see I am starting this blog in a desperate attempt to preserve/maintain/retrieve some semblance of sanity. For it feels that I am indeed losing my mind. Quite literally. I spend 13 hours a day alone with two individuals who don't talk and who require my absolute undivided attention. All of the time. They tag team. One wakes up, eats, poops, gets rocked back to sleep and then the other awakens. And repeat. Oh, sometimes they are awake simultaneously, but alas that is a post for another day. I love my curmudgeons with my whole person. But sometimes, I simply need a permission granted. I need some of myself back. And so I'm going to write. Maybe people will read, and maybe they won't. It really isn't about that. It's about me. Me, me, me. As the rest of my life really isn't.

I'm not telling anyone that I know about this, because I'm really just not looking for judgment right now. And so it begins, permission granted to lift the lid off the pot to flip my potatoes. Should be interesting.


Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Thank you for linking me!

My kids are 18 mos apart, so I get the tag team thing. They seem to have this sense that the other one fell asleep so it's their turn to wake-up, thus giving mommy NO BREAK EVER.

And the directions on the potatoes? Thank goodness they told you, you are sleep deprived, you know!

Welcome to blogging. I know it saved my sanity.

Marie Green said...

Not at all sure how I found your blog, but I did, and then I discover I'm linked! Cool. That hasn't happened to me yet, as I'm a fairly new blogger myself.

I'm excited to read yours, as you already seem brilliant with words.

And I had twins, but I think two as close together as your munchkins is harder in MANY WAYS. Because they cannot be syncronized. No idea if I spelled that right. Ahhh.


Swistle said...

Blogging really does feel good.

Hey, Marie, you're on MY blogroll! What am I, chopped potatoes?

JJ_West said...

I'm glad you've given yourself permission. I love it.

Glad I am not the only one who reads such directions and feels a bit of gratitude. :D

Tessie said...

Oh, I'm so glad you commented! I can't wait to read more!

I wasn't going to blog either, even though I read blogs obsessively, but I'm so glad I did. It's fun.

And ALSO, I didn't want to tell anyone at first either for the same reasons. Especially my husband. I knew he would be like "you said it was 90 degrees today and it was only 89 degrees!". ARGG. (I did eventually tell him).

Jess said...

Tessie, our husbands are definately on the same track. Mine is the MASTER of understatement. If it takes him two hours on the bus to get to work (for real, did I ever think this would be apart of our lives?!) he nonchalantly tells people an hour and twenty minutes. I'm like, and finally he just pulled out his tent and dutch oven because we knew he was on the bus for the long haul! Ten hours later he arrived at his office building. We balance each other out a bit. Nonetheless, he is not allowed to read my blog.

Laura McIntyre said...

Hiya im a newbie, looking forward to reading your posts. My girls are 17 months apart and it does get much eaiser, now the two are spending time chasing each other around and its actually fun